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How to get to Pico

In general:

There are many ways to reach Pico Island – especially form mainland Europe, and as well form Canada and the United States there are several airlines serving our little island. In order to make your search for the right flight as easy as possible we have summarized the different ways to get here below.
Due to the rising number of airlines serving the Azores the flight search might seem confusing at first, and you will not always be able to get here within one day or without a over-night stop over in Lisbon, Porto or São Miguel. Just embrace it as a good reason to add a short city trip to your holidays.
In case you are combining different airlines during your journey do not forget to check for different luggage policies. Some airlines offer the possibilities to check your luggage all the way through (like combinations of TAP and SATA flights), others do not.
Besides flying directly to Pico (Airport: PIX) you can also get here by finding a flight to the neighboring island Faial (Airport: HOR). There are multiple ferry connections between the islands and the crossing takes only 30 minutes. If you still have difficulties finding the right flight please feel free to ask us for help.
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These are your options to get to Pico Island:

1) With TAP to Lisbon and with SATA to Pico – the easiest way | 270 – 400 €

This is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to Pico Island – and also the easiest flight search using the sites from TAP and SATA (now called Azorean Airlines). Please note, that the TAP webpage does not always find all possible combinations of TAP and SATA flights – it is worth trying option 2. (below) even if no satisfying connections showed on the TAP webpage. Another good way to find combinations of TAP and SATA flights is

2) From Europe to Lisbon and from Lisbon nach Pico – often within one day | 270 – 400 €

Most European airports offer connections to Lisbon. From Lisbon SATA offers a variety of flights to the central group of the Azores. In order to get here within one day you should pick an early morning flight that brings you to Lisbon and then catch a connecting flight to the Azores. Start the search for your flights with the connection Lisbon-Azores; this will be the pinhole of your journey. The flights to Lisbon should then be easy to find. Depending on weekdays SATA offers direct flights to Pico and Faial, or takes a detour through Sao Miguel or Terceira. Unfortunately most Meta-Search sites do not recognize all SATA flights – so you will have to book the two legs ‘Home-Lisbon’ and ‘Lisbon-Pico’ separately. You will be rewarded for the extra work with comfortable connections that bring you to Pico within one day, and often with very good deals as well.

Step by Step:
1) Define your flight dates (+/- 3 days, if possible) .
2) Start with the connection from Lisbon to Pico or Faial with SATA: At you will find a ‘Flights’ button in the lower left menu, click on ‘Schedules’ to get a good overview about the flights around your preferred dates.
3) Look for flights that leave Lisbon after 11 am on the way there and arrive Lisbon earlier than 4 pm on the way back – like this you will have enough time for the flights from your hometown to Lisbon. Try to pick flights that do not stop in Ponta Delgada or Terceira – although that is not always possible. If you can not find the right flight try Faial instead of Pico as a destination.
4) Open Google-Flight Search ( and look for a fitting flight from your hometown to Lisbon. The stop-over time in Lisbon should not be below 90 min.
5) Separately book your flights hometown-Lisbon and Lisbon-Pico.
6) Do not forget to book your room with us!

3) Direct flights from Europe, America or Canada to Sao Miguel – ideal for island hopping | around 500 €

There are several different airlines serving direct flights to the biggest Azorean Island Sao Miguel (Airport: PDL). SATA offers inter-island flights form Sao Miguel to all other islands of the Azores. It is not always possible to catch a connecting flight to Pico or Faial within the same day. This connection is probably best for any guest how would like to visit several islands of the archipelago.
Usually this connection is a bit pricier than the routing through Lisbon – an exception is the Ryan Air flight from London. We recommend Google flight search to find the best connection to Sao Miguel. You find a list of all Airports serving Sao Miguel below. All inter-island flights have to be booked through SATA.

Step by Step:
1) Check our PDF too see which close-by airport serves connections to Ponta Delgada.
2) Use Goolge-Flight-Search ( to find the best connection to Ponta Delgada.
3) At the button ‚Flights’ / ‘Schedule’ gives a good overview about possible connections from Ponta Delgada to Pico or Faial.
4) There are Airlines that offer to book the full connection through their Website (TAP). For other airlines you will have to book the two legs separately – make sure you plan for enough lay over time.
5) Don not forget to book your room with us!

4) From Germany through Sao Miguel oder Terceira to Pico – from Düsseldorf & Berlin | about 500 €

Airberlin offers direct flights form Duesseldorf and Berlin to Ponta Delgada or Terceira. From there you find several connections to Pico or Faial. This is a good option for guests who intent to stay on Sao Miguel or Terceira for some days.

Step by Step:
1) Find your direct flight to the Azores at (
2) At the button ‚Flights’ / ‘Schedule’ gives a good overview about possible connections from Ponta Delgada to Pico or Faial.
3) Book your flights separately with AirBerlin and SATA – make sure you plan for enough lay over time. You will probably have to sty over night.

5) The Low-Budget version with Ryanair – 2 Stopp-Overs in Lisbon or Porto and Sao Miguel | from 50 €

Also the budget carrier RyanAir offers connections from the Portuguese mainland (Porto and Lisbon) to the main island Sao Miguel. SATA offers free distribution flights within 24h after arrival to any destination within the Azores for all passengers arriving from the Portuguese mainland. Porto and Lisbon are reachable with a variety of low-cost airlines throughout Europe. If you have flexible travel dates this might give you the opportunity to get to Pico for less than 50€.

Step by Step:
1) Start with the RyanAir flight from Lisbon or Porto to Ponta Delgada.
2) Find a cheap flight that brings you to Lisbon or Porto from your nearest airport.
3) Contact SATA via phone and discuss possible free flights from Ponta Delgada to other destinations on the Azores.
4) Book your RyanAir flights to Ponta Delgada.
5) Use this website to register for a free flight to any other island. (
6) Use the same principle for your flight back home.

See you on Pico!