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Summer on Pico

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High Noon – a bit of everything & big fish

The peak of summer has arrived on the island and Pico turns into an adventurous summer destination. The sperm whales and several dolphin species become the highlights of successful Whale Watching trips – the youngest offsprings do often openly show off their joy for life.

The warmer waters turn our Island into one of the most valued location for scuba divers. Elegant blue sharks, powerful makos, the fabled mobula rays and many schooling pelagic fish make their appearance around our waters and invite divers from around the globe to enjoy these exquisite creatures. The flamboyant banquet of flourishing flora keeps adding highlights to green meadows and volcanic coast. And the long nights and constant temperatures turn the small fishing villages into stages for traditional celebration, rhythm and joy.

Stable temperatures around 23°C during daytime, 18°C at night and between 22-24°C in the water give great comfort and make light clothing Pico’s dress code. As rainfall becomes less frequent but a little more intense the monthly amounts stay comparable to May and June. Light clothing becomes Pico’s dress code. With the weather acting up, beautiful phenomena are drawn to the sky – light rain clothing should still never be left behind.

Summer on Pico holds a bit of everything for everyone. Swimming pools and tiny harbors call for lazy days and extended swims. Passionate divers will float in open and crystal clear waters sharing moments with Pico’s delicate marine life.

Between magical water and open skies, whale watchers and snorkelers will make memorable encounters with families of whales and dolphins. Sport enthusiasts and unhurried hikers and bikers will find challenge and beauty far away from the beaten track. When the long days then come to an end, they all will gaze at beautiful sunsets – some while relishing a margarita in Madalena’s bars, others high up on the mountain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean stretching infinitely towards the horizon.  <<< back

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