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Spring on Pico

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Welcome back everybody – The early bird catches the baleen whale

Spring on Pico is a splendid time for nature lovers. The mountaintop is still covered in snow, contrasting the lush green of the thick vegetation at lower altitudes and the bright blue of the Atlantic Ocean. In March and April Pico Island witnesses two of the earths most venerable migrations: The baleen whales, slender and elegant giants are on the move. Up from the warm and sheltering waters in the south they cross the Ocean to reach their plentiful summer grounds in the northern Atlantic. The productive waters of the Azores are their first pit stop. Here they feed on the spring blooms of planktonic biomass. At the same time the corry’s shearwaters, majestic seabirds, make their way across the ocean to meet on Pico. For them the Azorean Islands are shelter and banquet for their upcoming breading season. Sailing above the waves with astonishing skill during the day, they fill the nights on Pico with their characteristic calls when finding back to their nests.

Weather in spring is a roller coaster. With temperatures averaging around 17°C during daytime, 13°C at night and 16°C in the water, Pico’s climate prepares the ground for a toing and froing between light breezes and spanking winds, furious rainfalls and reconciling sunbeams, dense mist and clear skies. There is rarely a weather that lasts for a day or even for hours – and whenever weather changes Pico is dipped into a fairytale coating.

‘Be prepared!’ should be anyone’s mantra who is visiting Pico in spring. Prepared to catch the breathtaking sight of a surfacing blue-, fin, sei- or humpback whale; to watch a dolphin splitting the ocean’s surface, to distrust your ears when hearing the shearwater’s call and to duck down when they are cutting in close above your head.

Be ready to be a bystander to erosion when roaring waves convulse the rocky shores; to be an observer of the sun lifting the morning mist above warped trees; to be witness to a snow covered mountain shaking off the winter clouds. And most important, be equipped to change from jacket and pants into shirt and shorts and vice versa within minutes.

In spring on Pico Island – you will find magic. <<< back

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