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Everything can happen – Autumn on Pico

1/2 October &


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Between Indian Summer & early Storms

The ending summer and an approaching winter leave Pico between the beauty and strength of nature’s forces. Sperm whales, dolphins, sharks, mobula rays and the diverse species seen on coastal dives are still around, but on some days wind may make for challenging conditions on the sea. On land the new generation of corey’s shear waters are testing their wings for the long journey to southern landmass. As winds strengthen and the swelling sea sends massive breakers against the shore, wave watching becomes a favorite sport.

The warm Atlantic keeps temperatures around 20 to 17°C on land and 20-18°C in the water. Rainfall becomes a little more frequent but full days of sun are still common. As weather can change multiple times in one day or even within hours, layered clothes become the standard fashion.

Autumn on Pico is ideal for a ‘can do, but don’t have to’ attitude. Oddly, the best shark diving and whale watching trips often happen around this time. On land the lowering temperatures create ideal conditions for outdoor activities. And if weather becomes a little more expressive: Put on a raincoat, enjoy the purity of nature’s forces and cuddle up in front of our fireplace afterwards. <<< back

Autumn on Pico

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