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Explorations off the beaten path

With blossom at full strength Pico becomes a prosperous Garden Eden with wild Orchids, kilometers of Hydrangea-hedges and China Roses (hibiscus) among many others. And you will neither getting soaked nor boiled when spending most of your day outdoors. The baleen whale’s spring migration may continue well into May and the world largest predator, the sperm whale, is now seen on a daily basis from the whale watching boats. With rising temperatures a fascinating realm reveals itself around Pico’s shore. A maze of underwater landscapes, formed by ancient lava flows and frozen into basaltic rock, is home to Pico’s rich underwater diversity. Amongst many wondrous creatures, roaming our shore, gigantic stingrays are a special treat when diving in submarine volcanic craters in May and June.

From May onwards temperatures average around 20°C during daytime, 15°C at night and due to the Azorean current, the gulf streams little brother, water temperature is up to 18°C already, and Pico starts into its driest months with rainfalls between 59 to 40 mm monthly. Do not be mistaken, rainfalls still come suddenly but are typically less tragic and shorter in time than earlier in the year. With 16 hours of daylight you have plenty of time at your hands to discover Pico’s outdoors.

May & June is an excellent time for an active holiday. The prosperous flora invites to astonishing hikes and bike rides along volcanic ridges, UNESCO world heritage sites, fresh water lakes or one of the many natural swimming pools. There are many routes that take you through the mingle mangle of Pico’s landscapes – through ancient villages of basaltic rock, unique vineyards on bare stone, enchanted forests and wide open meadows. The very peak of Pico Mountain, the rooftop of the Atlantic Ocean, stands patient to await your visit.

Those who come for the underwater wonders will be greeted by unspoiled dive spots with hardly ever any other diver or snorkeler in the water.  <<< back

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