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A Season Guide to Pico Island

March & April


Welcome back everybody – The early bird catches the baleen whale

Spring on Pico is a splendid time for nature lovers. The mountaintop is still covered in snow, contrasting the lush green of the thick vegetation at lower altitudes and the bright blue of the Atlantic Ocean. In March and April Pico Island witnesses two of the earths most venerable migrations: The baleen whales, slender and elegant giants are on the move. Up from the warm and sheltering waters in the south they cross the Ocean to reach their plentiful summer grounds in the northern Atlantic. The productive waters of the Azores are their first pit stop. Here they feed on the spring blooms of planktonic biomass. At the same time the corry’s shearwaters, majestic seabirds, make their way across the ocean  … read more >>>


May & June


Explorations off the beaten path

With blossom at full strength Pico becomes a prosperous Garden Eden with wild Orchids, kilometers of Hydrangea-hedges and China Roses (hibiscus) among many others. And you will neither getting soaked nor boiled when spending most of your day outdoors. The baleen whale’s spring migration may continue well into May and the world largest predator, the sperm whale, is now seen on a daily basis from the whale watching boats. With rising temperatures a fascinating realm reveals itself around Pico’s shore. A maze of underwater landscapes, formed by ancient lava flows and frozen into basaltic rock, is home to Pico’s rich underwater diversity. Amongst many wondrous creatures, roaming our shore … read more >>>


July, August,

September &

1/2 October


High Noon – a bit of everything & Big Fish

The peak of summer has arrived on the island and Pico turns into an adventurous summer destination. The sperm whales and several dolphin species become the highlights of successful Whale Watching trips – the youngest offsprings do often openly show off their joy for life.

The warmer waters turn our Island into one of the most valued location for scuba divers. Elegant blue sharks, powerful makos, the fabled mobula rays and many schooling pelagic fish make their appearance around our waters and … read more >>>


1/2 October &

Between Indian Summer & early Storms

The ending summer and an approaching winter leave Pico between the beauty and strength of nature’s forces. Sperm whales, dolphins, sharks, mobula rays and the diverse species seen on coastal dives are still around, but on some days wind may make for challenging conditions on the sea. On land the new generation of corey’s shear waters are testing their wings for the long journey to southern landmass. As winds strengthen and the swelling sea sends massive breakers against the shore, wave watching becomes a favorite sport.

The warm Atlantic keeps temperatures around 20 to 17°C on land   … read more >>>